Jaing Kirameki


Jaing was born twenty seven years ago in a nation far from the Sword Coast. The village that he lived in was a reasonably sized trading hub. While he was born into a farming family his best friend was the son of the local stable master. For him that resulted in a fortunate combination of growing up doing hard work and learning how to ride a horse. As such when war came to his nation he was recruited into the Royal Cavalry. While hardly a proper knight he quickly came to his own and earned quite a bit of fame for his actions in battle. One year into the war he participated in a terrible battle that cost him his horse and left him badly wounded and stumbling across the battlefield. Eventually darkness claimed him and when he came to he was met with quite a surprise. A similarly wounded knight had his venerable mount haul him from those bloodstained grounds to a safer location. Jaing did his best to help the wounded knight but he was well beyond saving. In saving his life however Jaing would never forget the noble night. Before passing on the knight introduced Jaing to the Demigryph Bloodbeak. While initially apprehensive the creature warmed to Jaing in short order due to the young soldier’s look of awe and respectful behavior. Together they worked to dig the veteran a proper grave and paid their respects before finding what was left of their battered army. In the two days it took them to return to camp the two had bonded and surprisingly Bloodbeak started to lead the way from there on in. It took him to a group of other Demigryph riders that welcomed Jaing with a mixture of excitement and sadness as they realized his presence meant that their comrade had fallen.

They introduced themselves as members of the order of the Silver Beak and while he had met their most important criteria (befriending a fierce Demigryph) they still tested his mettle. Once he had proved his skills he was allowed membership and was even knighted by the head of their small but powerful order. For the rest of the four year long war he fought alongside his new brothers and earned both fame and glory for himself. While proud of who he had become he decided that it was time for him to return home once more to see his friends and family, hoping that they had heard of the things that he had done. Sadly for him when he returned home he found his village overrun with the damnable undead. Driven mad by hatred and grief he hurled himself against the shambling corpses of those that he had known as a child. Despite his skill and ferocity both he and Bloodbeak were brought low by the creatures only to be saved by an elven female who had come to purge the town. She turned out to be a Paladin who had sworn an oath of vengeance against the necromancer who was responsible for ruining Jaing’s hometown. Hearing that he did the only thing he could do at that point, he joined the woman’s crusade of vengeance. When they faced the darkling responsible for his anguish he finally unleashed his Aasimar potential and utterly destroyed the necromancer. From there on in the woman started to teach him the way of the Paladin and he learned how well it seemed to suit him though Bloodbeak wasn’t too fond of all the bright light.

He spent a year as her student to learn everything he could from her before departing for the sword coast. He’d been dreaming of the place for a month now and it was time to go there. Bloodbeak wasn’t too excited about crossing the sea but then again so was Jaing as he had gotten remarkably sea sick during the trip. Once they arrived it took a while to orientate himself but he managed to befriend a few other paladins who he joined on a quest to destroy a local drug ring. While hardly a hardy foe to defeat he had impressed them though frankly Bloodbeak had impressed them even more. Sure enough as time passed stories started to spread as Demigryphs were exceedingly rare in this part of the world. His bond with Bloodbeak was like one would share with a brother, so it hit him hard when disaster struck.

General Donli was travelling under escort but was assaulted by a host of assassins. The dwarf’s honor guard fought to the last until the stubborn longbeard stood alone. That is until Jaing and Bloodbeak demonstrated how devastating a Demigryph’s charge could be. The remaining assassins were shattered under the sudden and viscious assault. Together they saved the general but at a terrible price. A poisoned weapon had managed to find it’s way to noble being’s heart. Despite Jaing’s best attempts the poison could not be cured as it had been intended for Donli. Seeing his oldest and dearest friend in such agony he could do but one thing to spare his friend from a slow agonizing death. After whispering a tearful goodbye he brought a swift end to Bloodbeak’s decades long life. Donli was of course greatful and mourned the great creature’s passing. When reinforcements arrived the Dwarf vowed to give the noble being a worthy funeral… and he did. He also took in the grief-stricken Paladin, helping him find his way once more and offering him a position of honor. The two became friends over time and after three years if serving him Jaing was sent to Rauvin peak so that he could become a Gryphon rider. There he spent the last year, honing his skills as a man, a warrior, a knight and of course… a paladin.

Jaing Kirameki

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