The Demon Lords Have Arisen

The Sword Coast, throttling through political turmoil since the Dragon Wars, is in danger. Adventurer's escaping from the Underdark bring dire warnings to Citadel Felbarr of Demons and undead roaming the deadly tunnels down below. The Arcane Brotherhood has kidnapped King William Whetstone of the Citadel, and Lord Daria Neverember has just declared open war from the Lord's Alliance and the sovereign unity of the kingdoms of the Sword Coast on the country of Amn. The fate of the Sword Coast itself balances on a razor's edge, as the factions of the Sword Coast must scramble to stop imminent disaster.

They cannot do it themselves, and turn to the aid of the Champions of the Citadel, heralds of the dooms in the dark and potential saviors of the Dwarfholds.