Champions of the Citadel

Champions of the Citadel: Session 1

"Yer now Champions. Champions of the Citadel"

"Yer now champions. Champions of the Citadel; of Citadel Felbarr. Wherever you go, you represent Citadel Felbarr and the Warcrown Legacy. This is no small gift, this boon. It is the first time such a thing has been granted to non-dwarves. So keep it te yerselves should ye be in the other Dwarfholds. But hold yer heads high, for the blood of our ancestors run deep in yer spirits, now."

- General Donli Gemheart


  • The party defeated the mages in the Cloister of Trials.
  • Upon investigation of the King's chambers, they discovered that the High Inquisitor Kortak Pageturner had his memory modified to think that he saw the party kill the king. They also discovered, when trying to speak to the spirit of the dead king, that the body of another dwarf was disguised as the king. They scryed the king the next day, and found him suspended above a tower somewhere, his back emblazoned with the outline of the Demon symbol.
  • The general declared the party Champions of the Citadel, and awarded upon them the Boon of the Citadel, awarding them newfound Dwarven spirit and constitution.
  • Alonzo Buchanan received news that Lady Daria Neverember declared war on Amn, causing the faction leaders to urgently depart and begin damage control.
  • General Donli told the party they should go to someone called The Ironmaster, who would train them in the art of riding gryphons so they could get to the place above Gravenhollow. He gave them a Writ of Passage and told them how to get there. He also gave them uniforms; Tabards of the Citadel, and traveling clothes and supplies for the road.
  • Damien Hirst said that he could bind an imp from the Abyss that could be interrogated by the party, who decided they'd disguise themselves as members of the Cult of Orcus to misinform the Imp.


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