Champions of the Citadel

Champions of the Citadel, Session 2: The Rauvin River Runs Through It

"It's the Dark Elves, I am your friend, join our fire"

"The Twelve are walking the Material Plane, Orcus' layer is empty." – Vrock Demon

  • The party disguised themselves as cultists, Damien Hirst bound a Vrock demon from the Abyss which they interrogated. The Vrock told them that twelve demon lords were out of the abyss, walking the material plane. When asked if the demon lords were all in the Underdark, it said "No."
  • General Donli told the party they could take the Haversack of the king, which was full of climbing equipment and Horseshoes of the Zephyr. When guiding them toward the Felbarr Fields, Donli told them the Ironmaster was a dwarf druid in the mountains. He also asked them (at the request of Logan Orckiller) to take care of a tribe of blue goblins near Rauvin's Peak, where the Ironmaster was, saying that they had kidnapped a young girl named Dixie.  

  • The party departed from Citadel Felbarr down the Rauvin Valley from Felbarr Fields. After two days of hard hiking, their sleep was rudely disturbed in the evening. During his watch, Linwë noticed a white Dragonborn approaching the party. After a tense moment, the party were confronted with a scouting party of six white Dragonborn, tracking some wood elves who had attacked them earlier. They were led by a Dragonborn named Chakra. The party told them about the Drow, and that the Drow were masquerading as Wood Elves and Dragonborn to entice conflict between the two. After an uneasy discussion, the Dragonborn and the party came to an uneasy truce. One Dragonborn, named Tukk, however, was really unhappy with this.

  • During the night, Linwë's mace Dawnbringer was taken. Using the Stonespeaker crystal, the party scryed the mace, seeing two Wood Elves carrying it, discussing the party in mocking tones. They passed into the Goblin clan, past a Hobgoblin guard and some Ogres, behind the waterfall. After passing through some winding caverns, they eventually reached a massive, blue skinned creature they referred to as "the Oni". Tukk, enraged, ran at the party, shouting obscenities. He was blocked by other Dragonborn, as Chakra approached the party and watched into the Stonespeaker crystal. The Wood Elves turned back into Drow, then, and continued talking to "the Oni". It was then that the party saw Shushar, their lost companion, enslaved by this blue-skinned creature, which demanded that he make Potions of Intellect. Chakra, enraged beyond belief in the revelation that the Drow have been behind this decades-long feud between races, approached Tukk and knocked him out. 
  • The party ran onward to find the Drow and the Oni, together with the Dragonborn. When they approached the camp, they climbed up in the trees, while the Dragonborn circled around to the other side. The two groups agreed to attack the camp at first dawn, the Dragonborn from behind and the party from the front. Over the night, the party saw a rolling, green fog cascade over the ground, and they recognized it as the Faezress, which they had seen in the Underdark. Over the night, they saw Tukk, who didn't see them, approach the goblin tribe. Tukk conversed with a Hobgoblin a while, then accompanied the goblinoid into the cave beyond the waterfall.  



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