Champions of the Citadel

Sessions 9-10: Graz'zt

"You're about to fight a Demon Lord"

"Enjoy your time with my pets, puppet!"

  • Faelookon arrived on the airship, brought to be reunited with his companions by a great, platinum dragon, which the Barbarian revealed to be his God, Bahamut. Faelookon told of a tragic story of attack by mind flayers, and the slaughter of the party of dwarves he travelled with. The last thing he remembered was spinning through a formless void, watching Bahamut fight with a tentacled being as he and Gwyn watched on, helplessly. Before he realized what was happening, he was being carried in the claws of the great beast, who brought Faelookon to the airship. 
  • Linwe, Alaer and Brad introduced Faelookon to Jaing, Mushu, Finder and Adran… though Faelookon was hesitant to accept the Yuan-Ti and Ultroloth as traveling companions.
  • Linwe increased the speed of Shadoweir, while Finder disappeared. The party later learned that Finder had gone to secure a magical artifact for his "master", Adran. He had stolen the legendary bow, Taulmaril, from the Throne Room of Mithril Hall. 
  • After a day and a half of travel at top speed, the party arrived above Gravenhollow Library. Finder teleported them below, where a plethora of nude, grotesque statues laid surrounded by dangerous runes; magical traps. 
  • They made it through the traps into the Library… where Graz'zt, a Demon Lord, was occupying a massive throne in front of a massive orgy of various races of humanoids.
  • Graz'zt spoke briefly with Brad, and started walking closer to the Bard. He asked Brad to take off his clothes, and Brad complied. Brad panicked, though, and went invisible when Graz'zt got closer. However, the Demon Lord could still see him, and tried to charm Brad. Brad, at the moment frantically trying to get his clothes back on, retaliated with a damaging Eldritch Blast… and battle began.
  • In the ensuing battle, Graz'zt slew Brad in a savage, determined burst of strikes. Blows traded back and forth and eventually the Demon Lord went invisible, all while mocking the various party members. Eventually, Finder figured out that Alaer would be able to use the Library Codex using the Stonespeaker Crystal, and Alaer made a mad dash across the room for the book. Speaking into the codex, Alaer cast a Gate spell, summoning forth King Hekaton.
  • The giant was confused, but immediately took to trying to fight Graz'zt … and Finder. 
  • Graz'zt turned up the heat and targetted Finder with reckless abandon, while Adran summoned his Roc bird. 
  • During the fight, Harshnag was somehow summoned from Agard.
  • The battle raged, and by the end, Graz'zt had decapitated Finder, killed Alaer and Brad, and nearly killed Adran and Jaing, as he took control of the Roc and commanded it to soar with Jaing outside of the planar space contained by the library. However, the persistance of the party was too much for the Demon Lord, as Faelookon landed the final blow, and his body dissolved to dust. 
  • Immediately, Faelookon reached down to grab the giant Greatsword wielded by the Demon Lord, as a confused King Hekaton loomed over the unconscious Jaing.


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